• Based on the two core businesses "Chemicals" and ā€¯Materials", InQuiro offers a wide range of unique products with high technical strength and reliable quality.
  • We integrate a number of fundamental technologies and advanced technologies
  • We support a wide range of industrial fields from various inorganic and organic intermediate products to chemical products such as additives for performance plastics, and metals

Polymer Additives
Additives for polyolefin, PVC stabilizer, plasticizer, flame retardant, others
IT chemicals
Photo(light)/Thermal curing resin, photoinitiator, imaging material, High purity semiconductor material, electronic substrate etching device and pharmaceuticals, others
Advanced Chemicals
Epoxy resin, polyurethane raw material, Water borne resin, Surfactant, lubricant additive, cosmetic ingredients, Propylene glycol, industrial oil and fat derivative product, silicate derivative product, Hydrogen peroxide and derivative products, Water swelling sealing material, others