Executives and VIPs today face corporate and personal risks that require a higher level of security planning, management, and coordination. Shield & Lance understands that high profile clients need discreet personal protection that does not inhibit the client from leading a normal lifestyle.

Shield & Lance offers a full range of discreet services for executive protection to mitigate risk and maximize the protection and mobility.

High exposure to threats due to the key position held and/or influence held.

Individuals will often underestimate the potential threats of kidnapping, robbery, and extortion due to the high amount of net worth that they possess. Individuals with high public profiles may face threats from known and unknown assailants, which make security paramount to the person’s safety.

Shield & Lance conducts
the following for our clients:

  • Comprehensive risk assessment of threats and vulnerabilities faced by the clients, physical & cyber
  • Customized executive protection designed to provide an integrated level of security for the VIP at home, work, and on the go.
  • Active protection for the office, residence, and executive suite.
  • Special protective measures taken especially for high profile events
  • High-level protection for the executives when travelling abroad or domestically.
  • Our bodyguards are also experienced in evasive driving techniques and advanced route planning for optimal protection on the go.

Select Event & Site Security Services

Armed and unarmed security professionals are available for assignments:

  • Special Events/Occasions
  • Group Political Gatherings
  • Residential Communities